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New Additions: 2012

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Mid-April 2012: Lambing is almost done, with 35 lambs and a few more to go. This has a been a great year for us, with lots of well marked 4-horned lambs and a 2-to-1 ewe/ram ratio. Most will be for sale once they are a little older and we get the time to evaluate them. See our Facebook photo gallery for a first look. As the season progresses, we will update pictures and descriptions here, as well as add those that are for sale to the "For Sale" page. Contact us early for best selection.

Belle X Archer, 3-Mar, 2 ewes


Magenta X Archer, 3-Mar, 2 ewes



Yadida X McStandish, 3-Mar, 1 ewe, 1 ram

Aubree X Archer, 6-Mar, 1ewe, 1 ram

Amethyst X Archer, 7-Mar, 1ewe, 1 ram

Daphne Nicole X McStandish, 7-Mar, 1ewe, 1 ram

Celeste X McStandish, 8-Mar, 2 ewes

Aurora X McStandish, 13-mar, 1 ram

Ethel X Archer, 13-Mar, 2 rams

Daphne X McStandish, 10-Mar, 1 ewe, 1 ram

FogHorn X Archer, 22-Mar, 2 ewes

Sophia X McStandish, 24-Mar, 1 ewe

Laffy Taffy X Archer, 12-Mar, 1 ewe, 1 ram

Tourmaline X Archer, 21-Mar, 2 rams

Adelaide X Archer, 20-Mar, 3 ewes

Helen X McStandish, 1 ewe, 1 ram

Andriana X McStandish, 21-Mar, 1 ewe, 1 ram

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