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May 2013: Lambs are growing fast and will be ready to go in early June. This was a heavy boy year, so ewe lambs are in short supply. A $50 deposit is required to hold an animal. See more photos on our Facebook site: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Swallow-Lane-Farm/326778797371394

Ewe Lambs

An limited number of 4 horned ewe lambs are available this year at $250 each.

Amethyst X Archer, 3/19, twin 4 horned.


Celest X Archer, 4/5, twin, 4 horned SOLD
Lilac coloration. This lamb should have the outstanding 4-horned head that we love to see in her lines.



Sophia X Archer, 3/20, twin, 4 horned
A pair of flashy girls from a new ewe line for us. Both twins shown here are available.


Don't see what you're looking for? Ask us - we sometimes have other sheep available that are not yet listed here.


Ram Lambs

We are holding over several prospective ram lambs until they fully grow out. They will be available in 2014, although we would consider releasing them earlier if someone is looking for a ram lamb. Contact us for more information

Yearling ewes

None available at this time.

Mature rams

1 yearling, 4-horned ram is currently available. Details will be posted soon. Contact us for more information.




We keep only the best 4-horned rams lambs as potential flock sires. The remainder are wethered and sold at weaning for fiber flocks or for others to grow out for meat. These are healthy animals that are either 2-horned or lack some feature that is expected in top quality breeding stock. The most common limitation is color percentage or horns that are less than perfect. These are great lawnmowers, companions for breeding animals, or starters for those considering establishing a flock at a later year. Wethers sell out quickly in May, so deposits are strongly encouraged. $75 each, at weaning.

Many wethers are still availble. Contact us for details.


Terms of Sale: 

Stock is registered or guaranteed registerable, unless identified otherwise.
Stock is guaranteed to be sound breeding animals.  Infertile animals will be replaced.
Non-refundable $50 deposit is required to hold any animal.  Failure to take delivery of a reserved animal will lead to forfeiture of this deposit.
Pedigree and health history provided with each sale.


We can deliver breeding stock throughout the Pacific Northwest, and may be able to coordinate deliveries nation-wide. A June delivery is planned along the I-90 route between Seattle and Spokane. Other delivery trips are possible to eastern Washington, northern I-5 corridor (Seattle to Bellingham), southern I-5 corridor (Tacoma to Portland), and Olympic peninsula.  

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