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In 2011, we began raising Tamworth pigs. Tamworths are a heritage breed, sometimes called the Irish Grazer. Unlike modern hogs, Tamworths thrive on pasture and can forage for their meals. They are a bacon-type hog, producing a large, lean carcass with exceptional flavor. At our farm, pigs fulfill their traditional homestead role - utilizing excess milk and eggs, wasted hay, and cull produce, while also tilling and fertilizing new pastures.

October 2012: Our first litter of piglets is weaned and ready to go. We will be keeping one gilt to build our herd and one barrow for our freezer. The remainder are for sale now. This litter was sired with semen from Paul Morrison's central Ohio Tamworth stock. Several show exceptional length and muscling, along with that rich ginger color.

We expect to breed our sow again in the, for spring piglets. Several have already been pre-ordered, so contact us well in advance if you'd like to add our Tams to your homestead.

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