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Why buy from us?

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Why should you buy your breeding stock from us?

  • Quality. We produce a limited number of high quality animals. We will tell you the strengths and weakness of any lamb you are considering. We only sell breeding stock good enough that we would use it in our own flock.
  • Socialized animals. Our farm setup requires us to be in close contact with the flock every day. We also select for personality traits we like. This results in friendly sheep you can easily work with.
  • Experience. After 20+ years with Jacobs, we know how our stock is going to grow and produce for you. We can help you learn how best to manage your flock and how to avoid the pitfalls that can make your experience frustrating.
  • Genetic diversity. We breed for genetic diversity and make efforts to avoid the heavily used bloodlines that have begun to dominate Jacob flocks nation wide. That pays off for you later, when you need to find compatible rams. Look at the pedigrees of any lamb you are considering.
  • We won't sell culls. Every flock produces some animals that are not the best representatives of the breed. When considering where to buy, please ask the breeders what they do with their culls. We eat ours. We also won't sell you our problem animals or animals with questionable backgrounds.
  • After sale support. We have been breeding Jacobs for over 20 years and will likely be doing it for another 20. We have seen many of the problems you may encounter as you start your own flock. We're always willing to help and are just a phone call away.
  • No pressure. Jacobs are fantastic sheep, but they are not right for everybody. We encourage questions and will help you figure out what's right for you. We would rather help you decide than make a quick sale.


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