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Lavender Dahlias Cidery


We started growing lavender in August of 2016. We biked through the San Juan Islands alongside a lavender farm the previous summer and were enchanted by the smell of the lavender wafting through the air.
We attended the Sequim Lavender Festival in 2016 and acquired some of our first plants. In our first year, we produced several hundred bundles of lavender which we dried and stored. We have dried lavender and lavender sachets available for sale.
We also cultivated several hundred lavender plants this fall, which are for sale for $5.00 each.Lavender blooms in the mid to late summer and will fill your garden with relaxing scents. It is low-maintenance and easy to grow. It is crucial that its roots are kept dry, so it should be planted in well-draining soil and not be watered excessively or mulched.

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We are cultivating 4 varieties of lavender: Grosso, Royal Velvet, Provence, and Hidecoat.
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Tips on Growing Lavender

Cathie and Mark Williams

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